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Top 8 Brand Awareness Strategy Tips

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brand awareness strategy tips

Having a solid brand awareness strategy is vital to growing your business. Read on to learn the top 8 brand awareness strategy tips.

With companies spending as much as 12% of their annual profit on marketing, there’s a lot of crowding in the field of brand awareness. Digital companies spend hundreds of thousands in storefront rent just to stay present in the mind of consumers. If you’re on a budget, you need a strong brand awareness strategy.


With more marketing moving online, the name of the game is attention. Companies need to figure out how to reward their customers for even the most meager amount of attention. In a space where consumers can see an ad from a mile away, brand awareness strategies need to stay flexible.


If you’re looking for new ways to engage your audience, a lean and versatile brand awareness strategy will find customers where they are. With so much competition, you can’t expect customers to find you. Follow these 8 tips for strong brand awareness no matter how competitive your industry.

1. Get Social

If you’re not present on every major social media site, you need to change that immediately. Customers could be finding you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more. Your social profile could be doing the work for you, 24/7.


A strong brand awareness strategy entails making time every day to massage your social media profiles. If your company doesn’t have a blog yet, it’s time to start one.


Creating a blog allows for other social media users to share your posts. It also allows you to get clicks on your site, building your search engine rankings.


Connecting with your audience allows you to build a community of dedicated followers online.


When they send you messages, be sure to respond quickly and you’ll build a strong reputation.

Online promotion is challenging but if you’re going to buy ads, make sure you know how to win at PPC.


2. Live Events

Holding events is a great way to build loyalty for your company. Promote your event through your social media channel and you’ll be able to attract potential clients and prospects who like what you post.


If you have a company office, invite people to check out something new you’ve just created. Come up with a themed summer barbecue or a holiday party. Everyone loves free food and drinks, so it shouldn’t be hard to get people in the door.


Line up some special speakers, put together special promotions, or run a short workshop on how to be successful with your products or services.


Giving your clients a little bit of IRL time can pay off on your digital platforms. Once they know who you are, they’ll engage with you more frequently, expanding the reach of your brand awareness.


If your company’s ethics line up with a local non-profit or charity, consider creating a fundraiser. You’ll show that you’re connected to the community while being able to promote brand awareness.

3. A Big PR Campaign

If you’ve got a great story behind why you’ve started your business, why not tell it to the world. You could be inspiring other and be promoting brand awareness.


The best way to launch a PR campaign is to find a way to make it newsworthy. If there’s a local event that just happened, find a way to bring the community together with your products and services.


Get out to local events and put up a table. Hand out free samples or just free snacks in exchange for a three questions survey about how your products can better serve your community.


Get creative and you can build better brand awareness for no cost at all.

4. Show Off Your Products

Depending on the industry you’re in, you could be holding exhibitions and product demonstrations. Even better, you could hold a competition for how to show off what your products can do.

If you have something that could be incorporated into a cooking contest, a pine box derby, or sports contest, take advantage of this. Get your clients together for a branded demonstration of what your products can do.


You’ll be showing off your products getting to know your biggest fans.

5. Link up with Other Businesses

There’s no better way to build a local following than to work with other local businesses. The people who support local businesses are always looking for more ways to support the local economy. Make it easier by offering your products alongside one another.


Companies that produce natural health items like lip balms and deodorants could link up with yoga studios and spas. They could offer one another’s products or vouchers for services with online orders.


Build a following with virtually no effort by creating connections to other businesses whose services complement yours.

6. Sponsor a Team

In just about every company, local kids’ sports teams are always looking for sponsors to buy their jerseys and shirts. Be one of those sponsors and reward their parents when they purchase from you during the season.


An increasing number of companies in major cities are sponsoring bike race teams and local adult softball teams. Connecting with your local teams can turn into free advertising when teams go out for drinks and dinner after a race or a game.

7. Create a Pop-up Experience

Creating a big and boisterous pop-up downtown can introduce lots of new people to your brand. You could see major returns from this brand awareness strategy and give you the opportunity to connect with dedicated clients.


You’ll show off just how great your brand is to those already converted. They’ll be even more confident in your brand and tell their friends and colleagues about you. Make it something exciting like an art exhibit or a fashion show and you’ll connect with a younger and more engaged audience.


You could find your brand all over social media the next morning if you play it right.

8. Promotional Merchandise

If you don’t have some already, you should make up lots of promotional items. You should be giving away pens, keychains, and umbrellas with your brand logo on them like there’s no tomorrow.


You should also come up with special merchandise for special events. If you’re sponsoring a 5K, splurge on water bottles so that your brand is featured in every photo people post after the race.


Spend some time putting together a great design and you’ll see plenty of rewards come back to you.

Your Brand Awareness Strategy Increases Sales

If you play your cards right, you could be able to measure your profits based on your brand awareness strategies.


Try to watch for sales increases based on each implementation so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. Once you’ve got an idea of how your strategy connects with sales, you can work your strategy to improve every quarter.


If you’re ready to take your brand awareness to the next level, contact us for how to get started with implementation.