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  • Patrick Lee

    In our latest Spotlight, we bring you Patrick Lee of Berkeley, California. Patrick is a Serial Entrepreneur focused on consumer tech and entertainment, and was most notably known as the CEO and Co-Founder of the very well known movie and reviews ...
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  • Jason Safir

    Jason Safir
    “I believe there is a subconscious energy hidden in imagery.” -Jason Safir Welcome PageCrush fans! In our latest Spotlight, we bring you Jason Safir. A fellow creative with an impressive background in multimedia and production. Jason Safir combines pop culture with technology and ...
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  • Skye Selbiger

    Skye Selbiger
    Welcome PageCrush fans! After a long pause and a rebooted website, it is with excitement we bring you yet another passionate and fellow creative, Skye Selbiger. We talk to Skye about his background, sacrifices and knowledge in what it takes to ...
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