Frequently Asked Questions

What is PageCrush?

PageCrush is an Inspirational Design Hub, aimed at giving creative professionals from around the world a place to feature their best work on the web. To learn more, please visit our About page.

What can I submit?

PageCrush displays the popular classes of Web Designers, Photographers, Interactive Designers, App & Mobile Developers, UI/UX Designers, Multimedia and Video, Advertising Agencies, Print Designers, Promotional Campaign Designers, Fashion Designers, etc. Many designers just like you are pouring in submissions daily, wanting to be featured and recognized for their hard efforts.

What is the "Watchlist"?

The PageCrush “Watchlist” is where new creative project submissions and entries are showcased. Projects showcased here consist of all creative categories such as debuts for new websites, photography or independent artist and developer portfolios, studio agency websites, interactive mobile apps, and so on. These new projects then sit in the Watchlist section where you are encouraged to promote your entry to your fans and followers where then your entry can be voted upon. The higher the vote count, the better chance your entry has at becoming an official PageCrush Featured project. For submissions that do not reach high vote ratings, your entry will remain on PageCrush under the archived sections and searchable using associated keywords.

What is the “Who’s Hot”?

“Who’s Hot” is the rating engine built into PageCrush. An international audience of creatives have the freedom to add their vote on how they feel the featured work they are viewing rates in design and overall aesthetics. Entries with higher vote counts become a “Hot Crush” after a showcase is featured on PageCrush.

I just joined the Creative Directory, where's my profile?

At this time, only Creative Directory accounts with completed information and a profile picture are published on PageCrush. If you have created an account but do not see your profile listed on the Creative Directory page, please log into your account and add a profile picture that best displays you or your work.

How do I get interviewed?

PageCrush keeps its eye out for top talent. If you are a stand-out creative in your field, you just may be asked to conduct an interview with us. Or if you’d like to nominate someone you feel is an accomplished professional, be sure to drop us a mention so we can Spotlight someone for their hard work and talent.

I submitted, where’s my site?

All sites or work submitted will be listed under the Watchlist section once approved. From there, it is determined by how many votes your submission gets that will push it up into the ranks. Submissions may take up to 5 days to be displayed publicly. After this time period, if you still don’t see your submission, there may be several reasons as to why your submission did not get featured. The best suggestion is to review the PageCrush “Terms” page to verify your submission meets all the PageCrush requirements. All submissions require a minimal fee for processing whether your work has been featured or not. The number of submissions on a weekly basis varies so it may be a matter of volume based on the order received and who gets processed within that order.

My work has been featured on PageCrush. Where do I get my logo pack?

Standard logo packs can be found here. Otherwise please contact PageCrush if you have further questions regarding the logo pack.

I realized there’s a typo in my submission. How can I fix that?

No problem, simply contact PageCrush and submit this error for correction. Please provide the date and title of your submission.

How can I become a Network Partner or Advertiser?

PageCrush is always interested in partnering with the best creative sites and advertisers around. If you offer something that PageCrush may help with and vise-versa, let’s talk.

How can I get my submission onto the front page under Hot Crush?

This happens automatically when your overall rating reaches top levels. The highest ratings with the most votes becomes a “Hot Crush” and gets featured throughout the PageCrush site. From there, the top rated entries will eventually end up right on the front page!