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Alexander James - Distil Ennui PhotographerWelcome Crush Fans. In this review, PageCrush has given Alexander James the opportunity to be featured in the PageCrush Spotlight. Founded in 2000, the Distil Ennui Studio is the brainchild of London based photographer Alexander James, with over 20 years experience as an advertising photographer with past clients including the Microsoft Corporation, Peugeot, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Versace, Shangri-La Hotels, Burj Dubai, Balenciaga, Chanel and Ermenegildo Zegna to name but a few. The Distil Ennui Studio encompasses a number of practices and offers a broad service ranging from commercial advertising, fashion & spatial photography, stock photography image licensing and fine art prints for private collectors and commercial installations alike.

PageCrush is pleased to give you Alexander James – Distil Ennui Photographer…

Q. Where are you located?
London, England

Q. What is your type of work and its purpose?
Advertising & Fine Arts Photography.

Q. What brought you where you are today?
20 years hard work, a refusal to be beaten down and a belief in what we do.

Q. What is your biggest project(s) to date?
Global campaign for the Microsoft Corporation and most recently a Samsung Parkour ‘freedom from wires’ campaign.

Q. What gives you the most inspiration?
All of my personal works without exception are always presented ‘as shot’ without cropping or post production of any kind. I see the process as cathartic rather than a critical one, and this dedication to ‘in-camera’ purity establishes a predominant focal point for my practice. Even on the most planned shots there are always little accidents. These accidents are what suggest the possibilities of developing the image in a way that I had not thought of.

Q. What are your toughest challenges?
Making people aware of what it is we do in a relevant way is a constant challenge.

PageCrush would like to say:
Alexander, your work has talent and dedication behind it. Keep the creative rolling! It has been a pleasure to have you aboard for this review. PageCrush thanks you for your time and dedication.

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