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Oscar and Hugo’s Epic Adventures

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Epic Adventures is a digital and printed book series created to help children fall in love with reading. Explore a multiverse of exciting adventures built on a foundation of empathy, tolerance and open-mindedness.

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By: We Love Digital (UK)


Start Select

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Instant access to entertainment at Startselect.

Feeling bored? Go to Startselect and pick a product, after payment you’ll receive your code instantly so that you can do whatever you like!
Watch movies on iTunes, get the latest games or listen to music on Apple Music!

Start, select, play!

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By: Max Gudden (Netherlands)



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StickPNG offers a crowdsourced curation of free transparent PNGs which you can use in all your personal projects: digital scrapbooking, funny memes, school presentations, infographics,… Users can submit their own transparent PNG images which are regularly added to the site.

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By: Alex Petrisor (UK)