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Great ExposuresIn this Crush Review, PageCrush had the wonderful opportunity to bring forward a leading name in design. Great Exposures, an international Design Studio and Brand Agency with offices in North America and Europe. Their works have been recognized by many prestigious design awards and have been featured in People Magazine, MSNBC Live, E NEWS, Access Hollywood, Yahoo, FWA, Tauschen and Shutterbug publications and others.

PageCrush is honored to provide an inside look with this exploding agency and their growing talents worldwide. Please read on as PageCrush would like to learn more about Great Exposures and the functions of an evolving design group.

Q. Where are you located?
North America and Europe

Q. What is your company and its purpose?
Visual design studio for the media.

Q. Does Great Exposures have team members that work in other locations around the world? Or is the company’s production mainly based out of your main location?
Yes, we have team members in Europe and in the US.

Q. What brought together such a pool of talented individuals?
Our founders have searched for the best talent and created an opportunity to excel.

Q. Relating to above question, how was Great Exposures founded as a company and get its start?
Great Exposures was founded in January of 2002 with a goal to create great exposures for the best. ‘Nomen est Omen’ !

Q. What is your biggest project(s) to date?
For a New York Times bestselling author Offers a double audiovisual experience – a teaser trailer for his latest book ‘The Last Patriot’ and an intro for the website – which lead to a prestegious 5th place on the book sale ranking. According to our knowledge, we created the first book trailer of its kind.

Q. What gives your designers the greatest inspirations towards the projects worked on?
The unknown and overcoming the obsticles. Every project is a new challenge and a learning curve. It is our way of constantly developing and improving our skills.

Q. How often does your staff get to travel and meet with clients and is traveling in itself an inspiration for design and production within your company?
With a few exception, due to an international clientele we learned to work virtually. However, through the working process we have developed friendship with our clients and made a personal effort to meet afterwards.

Q. It appears Great Exposures is very active with the celebrity community. How does this excel Great Exposures reputation in the design industry and for the company?
Our expertise are most valued by Hollywood and our name is being passed around in the industry. The occasional appearance of our work in the media, like on MSNBC Live, Access Hollywood, E-News and People Magazine, excel our company’s reputation.

Q. How does your company obtain these big name clients?
Our first major project and the above certainly helped spread the word. Also all of the awards and publications contributes to our name recognition in the industry.

Q. On the topic of big name celebrities you have completed work for; Do you work directly with the individual you’re portraying or their agents/production companies?
So far we have been working with individuals directly, but sooner then later our paths will cross and we’ll work agencies as well.

Q. Is your business a majority by word of mouth or is there a marketing strategy in place?
We’ve been fortunate to receive the majority of our business through word of mouth advertising and since our capacity is limited, we’ve never had to do any major marketing campaings.

Q. How does your company deal with demanding and impossible clients? Such as clients who don’t understand that certain projects take time and they want it done now.
It has been a learning curve for all of us. We help clients work along specific rules and guidelines which is appreciated through the learning process. Getting the best often requires waiting in line a couple of months 🙂

Q. Do your team members have schooling for their roles or is it based on pure talent and passion for this field?
Knowledge on our level are not learned in schools, obsolutely through life experience.

Q. With the majority of your projects, do clients allow your company to steer the boat when it comes to design and creativity or are there times when your company has to follow their guidelines, even if it falls out of your design interest or recommendations?
There is an opportunity for every one to steer the boat, however our clients hire us to guide them to a unique and creative world.

Q. Competition is so great now a days, how do you survive?
Luckly not many studios produce the type of audiovisual experience we do.

Q. What is Great Exposures biggest achievements that you are proud to make mentions of? has been featured in the media the most: MSNBC LIVE, Access Hollywood, E-News, People Magazine and Yahoo.

Q. What does your company hope to achieve in the long run?
Our goal is to produce trailers for major motion pictures and step into other medias such as commercials and film.

Q. What was the toughest challenges?
We strive to work in any styles. However, the biggest challenge was working in the world of, because it came together from many detailed elements (both design and programming).

Q. How do you think digital multimedia will be in the future?
We are working on it 😉 hah-hah

Q. Any advice you’d like to leave inspired artists and designers with?
1) Setting clear goals. 2) See and do about your goals every day. 3) Be trained every day, both mentaly and physicaly. The rest will come, just a matter of time.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share that was not covered above?
Think long term and be disciplined. Associate yourself with people who command these attributes, and your success will come.

PageCrush would like to say:
Great Exposures, keep doing what you’re doing! It was a great pleasure to have a moment with your firm and the discuss the operations of creative minds. PageCrush thanks you for your time and dedication.

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