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DiVes Estate

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Web site for DiVes Estate new generation Bulgarian wine makers.
Technology: Flash, AS3, XML, XHTML, JS, PHP.
Main design concept: photo-based minimalistic liquid interface. Custom programming module: transition engine, text engine, etc.
Idea: The aim of the site is to present the wine as important part of the “art de vivre”. The photos are close-ups made in the real atmosphere of a wine restaurant.


By: i-creativ studio

Located In: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

No Sun

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NO SUN _ three months of my life
before changing
or before dying

No Sun represents a time of my life.
Three months: from June 21st 2010 to September 20th 2010.
No Sun contains 165 photographs (out of 365 taken): people, places, situations, moods, conditions, moments… (continue)


By: Thanit creative agency

Located In: siniscola, nuoro, italy