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ArtisticodopeoWelcome Crush Fans. In this review, Pagecrush has given the opportunity to Rajesh T Rajan, Founder of Artisticodopeo Designz to be featured in the Spotlight. Rajesh quotes ‘The Voice of One’s Work is Greater than the Sound of One’s Voice.’ – Its a quote he coined to live by it. Believe it. And is passionate about it. Design is a drug for Rajesh. Enough to get him juiced up about his work and his life. It is his heart, soul and mind. This dedicated designer at heart can’t imagine a life where he wake’s up and stops seeing the colors, shapes and sounds of the world through the eyes of design.

PageCrush is pleased to give you Rajesh ‘Artisticodopeo’ Rajan…

Q. Where are you located?
Pune, India

Q. What is your type of work and its purpose?
I’m an Artist. I love to create works of art be it on paper or in the virtual world. A Graphic Artist, you could say. If my designs can help another being, by taking their passion, brand or business to another level of recognition and success while satisfying my creative needs for perfection to the best of my abilities, I have fulfilled my purpose.

Q. What brought you where you are today?
Passion. Fear. Love. Appreciation and the want to Learn, Create, Experience and Grow. Yes, these in varied combinations over the past 9 years gave birth to Artisticodopeo.

Q. What is your biggest project(s) to date?
Every project has been my biggest project. I know it sounds clichéd. But, the truth is always clichéd. From the smallest startup to a well known brand coming in for a new outlook, I’ve treated them with the same enthusiasm. Coz when you love what you do, it never is work is it? Though yes, it’s exciting to work with start ups, since I can creatively visualize and set the tone for the brand to be known. We can create the story for the brand.

Q. What gives you the most inspiration?
Life. Nature. Friends. Family. Movies. Great designers. Clients who are passionate about their brands. I don’t know what really triggers my creative moods. It can be when I wake up early in the morning to my lab licking my face, or have a Eureka moment when I’m in the middle of a shower. Happiness and a forever wandering mind, yes, maybe these two is where everything else starts from.

Q. What are your toughest challenges?

The toughest challenge I face is to try and avoid feeling like a graphic design vending machine. Put a coin in, get a work out. I fight it. I don’t take too much work purely for this reason. It’s got its good parts and the not so good parts. But if you can’t sleep at night knowing that you haven’t given that artwork your 100% or you just can’t click on this brand, then what’s the point of being a Graphic Artist. I can’t take up work just for the sake of it. It’s scary and highly stressful. This is a daily challenge.

PageCrush would like to say:
Rajesh, your work has talent and dedication behind it. Keep the creative rolling! It has been a pleasure to have you aboard for this review. PageCrush thanks you for your time and dedication.

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