9 Benefits of a Graphic Design Company for Your Business

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benefits of a graphic design company for your business

9 Benefits of a Graphic Design Company for Your Business

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Graphic design isn’t just about making things look pretty. Using a professional graphic design company can provide your business with a whole range of benefits. In this article, we take a look at 9 of the benefits you could gain.

Images shared online have a 650% higher likelihood of getting engaged with than text.

Don’t believe that statistic? Look at your Facebook feed.


Over the last decade, the posts shared by your friends have evolved from pure text into almost solely images and videos.


Our brains are naturally more likely to get attracted to visuals than words. We are also significantly more likely to retain information presented to us in a visual format.

All of the above facts shed light on the importance of investing in high-quality graphic design when producing marketing materials for your business.

benefits of a graphic design company for your business

From your logo to social media posts to brochures, a good graphic design company can ensure your business has a competitive edge over the competition in today’s visual-centric world.

Our team at Page Crush put together the list below to inform you of all of the benefits good graphic design can bring you!

1) Good Design Improves Recall

Have you ever wondered why somebody chooses one product over another? Some would venture to say it’s the product’s quality that affects that decision.

But what if you haven’t tried either product?

In that case, it’s the packaging, branding, and the overall visual presentation of a product that will have an impact on the purchaser’s decision. Furthermore, post-purchase, it’s the graphic design of a product that makes our brain associate positive feelings with it and become a repeat customer.

Bottom Line – Good graphic design creates positive anchors in customer’s brains. Bad graphic design reduces the chance you have to make people connect with your products and services on a deep, visual level.

2) Your Image is Tied to Your Graphic Design

There are a lot of elements that go into creating a good, professional logo. Everything from a logo’s shape, use of space, and color all have a significant impact on the feelings customers have towards you.

As a matter of fact, over 70% of the world’s top marketers agree that high-quality branding is essential to your business’ success.

Is your brand’s design communicating to customers what you want it to? Do you even know what your design communicates?

Hiring a high-quality graphic design company to consult and create on your behalf can help bridge any gaps in your visual presentation.

3) Graphic Design Grabs People’s Attention

There are millions of businesses, websites, etc. all competing for a finite amount of customers.

Standing out in that sea of competition is a must if you’re aiming to survive and thrive.

With good visual design, people will get attracted to the way your business is presenting itself immediately. Your use of colors, shapes, and aesthetic will buck the short attention span trend and allow you to capture people long enough to tell them what you’re about.

4) Good Design Means Good Employees

Customers are not the only people moved by excellent design. Employees are moved by it as well.

When top talent is shopping around for where they’re going to work, being able to stand out on job boards and online with good, clean design will create positive associations in prospective employees.

They’ll look at your branding and immediately get a sense of your company’s culture. This will help them visualize how they’d fit in at your business and increase the likelihood that they’ll apply.

5) Good Design is User-Centric

When you’re utilizing good graphic design on your website or other marketing materials, it guides user’s interaction. It allows them to easily navigate to the places they want to go and get what they need from you quickly.

This is very important given most customers won’t give you much time before deciding to take their business elsewhere. The sooner you can get someone to where they need to go, the better chance they have of making a purchase and becoming a repeat customer.

A good graphic design company will help you achieve that end.

6) Better Design Leads to Better Sales

Every marketing material we produce is aimed at getting people to take an action. Whether it’s to get customers to supply us with their email address or purchase a product, we want something from people consuming our messages.

With quality graphic design, we can make users navigate through our marketing messages and successfully influence them with our call to actions. That means more bang for your marketing spend.

7) Design is Cost-Effective

There are many high-quality graphic design firms out there like Finepoint Design and others that provide competitive rates for the products they offer.

Given that many of these firms do most of their business online, overhead costs get reduced meaning more savings for you.

Don’t believe graphic design can be cost-effective?

Nike’s iconic swoosh logo cost them just $35.00 back in the 70’s.

8) Good Design Means Fast Turnaround

Marketing campaigns often grind to a halt while teams try to get visuals right. Even when visual elements are approved, many times they don’t end up achieving the result they were intended to.

When you bring on a professional graphic design team, you can be sure that whatever project you give them they’ll be able to turnaround quickly. They will provide you with research-backed elements baked into everything they create that will achieve your desired result.

That means that marketing campaigns can roll out faster and be more effective.

9) You’ll Be Contributing to a Culture of Quality

There is a lot of noise in today’s business space both online and off. Thousands of people just trying to make a dollar by putting out low-quality products and screaming for people’s attention.

When you care enough about your company and customers to bring on a professional design team, you’ll go against that negative trend. You’ll be putting art out into the world, not static.

This is not only good for today’s business culture but will also set your brand up to become something iconic. Something that’s built to last.

Wrapping Up the Benefits of Hiring a Good Graphic Design Company

When you’re designing materials for your marketing or branding you’ll want to invest in hiring a good graphic design company. Doing so will increase your reputation, help users create meaningful connections to your brand, and much more.

There’s a world full of marketing noise outside right now. You can cut through that clutter and set your brand up to succeed by putting effort into the visuals you use in association with your business!

Learn more about excellent design by diving deeper into our pool of Page Crush content. You can also get your design firm noticed online by submitting your page to our site!